Limp and Numb: An EP

by Silverfish

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Darling, where'd we go? How am I supposed to know The lay of the land? None of this was planned Darling, why the fight? I'm barely upright I don't understand My brain's own demands Darling, give me strength Go to extra lengths To talk down to me Until I'm empty Darling, simmer down I'm coming around I finally see It's not about me I'm not gonna shut my mouth I'm gonna bleed all of my weakness out You know that I won't choke this anger down I'm gonna drown out every other sound I'll burn you to the ground Don't try to laugh Don't try to have your own thoughts Be who you are Only as a last resort Don't try to speak Don't try to think; I've got this Our time has come Go limp and numb Kinesis...
I'm back on my feet But a mess of hair and teeth I've fallen in line I'm no longer so inclined I'm breathing the day Trying to get through today A mouthful of lung Waiting to be told I'm wrong Tell me how to act I'll put my feelings away Tell it like it is Or there'll be hell to pay I'm broken inside But I take it in my stride I'm spittle and salt It's nobody else's fault I'm losing my skin But it's holding nothing in I'm losing the fight There's no world beyond tonight I walk away I'm alone this way
Your face is on my mind Your voice is in my head Your barbed and rehearsed lines Wishing that I was dead I close my eyes and see A chorus of phosphenes A smile with too many teeth Ready to snap at me Your troop of giggling fools Contort reality They keep changing the rules No sense of honesty I turn my back and smile So many things to say But they'd be wasted, so I'll Speak out another day Just believe the lie Avoid looking me in the eye Don't have the urge to fight I'm not that kind of guy And if you need me too I'll pretend I'm not over you Let people think it's true But if they only knew They'd turn the other way... We've both seen better nights We've both seen better days There's lightning in my brain I've got electric skin Expectations remain Mediocre and slim It's relentless and cold There's nothing in your eyes A black encrusted soul A vapid, shallow mind Your agenda is clear It's etched on your face Motivated by fear You need to win this race I try and pull away I try to move along I take it day by day I'm working to stay strong Your heart is barely a muscle It's atrophied and it's chasmal You don't even amount to Nothing Nothing 'Cause you're nothing... Nothing 'Cause your nothing


Digital EP featuring 3 recently remastered tracks from the upcoming re-release of Silverfish's 2008 LP 'The Bug Chaser/The Gift Giver', plus two exclusive, previously unreleased recordings.


released December 19, 2016

©2007-2016 Ben Mitchell/PhatBoy Media
All Rights Reserved
Composed, produced and performed by Ben Mitchell


all rights reserved



Silverfish Bristol, UK

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